Why are students assigned to write essays?

Most educational disciplines in schools and universities, having set as their goal the development of students’ creative thinking and writing skills, provide for such writing formats as essays and essays

Distinguishing features of an essay

Despite certain similarities, an essay and an essay are different concepts. They differ in the form and structure of writing and have different goal-setting functions.


An essay is written according to a prearranged plan, and the form of writing usually depends on the type of essay itself – it can be an argument, description, narrative, analysis of a fiction text, a comparative characterization of literary images or concepts. The author’s task is to surface the topic, resorting only to objective judgments. The essay as a type of written work is set in educational institutions in order to find out whether the student, for example, understood the meaning of the read work, can build a chain of logic on paper, etc. Such assignments help develop writing and speaking skills.

Essays have an arbitrary composition. The sequence and style of presentation of thoughts is determined by the author himself/herself and the main thing is to express his/her subjective opinion in relation to the problem touched upon. The main purpose of writing an essay is to give its own assessment, as well as to encourage the reader to think or dialogue.

In contrast to the essay essays are usually of small volume, the use of long sentences, terminology, etc. is not welcome here.

What accounts for the popularity of essays in the United States

In the Western educational system, including universities in the USA, an essay is considered to be one of the most common types of written assignments. First, teachers give approximately one third of all educational material for independent studying, and a small volume of written work is a convenient and fast tool for checking what has been learned. Secondly, such assignments teach students to reason, draw conclusions, and express their point of view.

How American students write essays

In American colleges and universities, essays are assigned throughout the academic year and turning in the assignment on time is a must! However, not all students manage to write such papers well, and others simply do not have time for it – sports sections, part-time jobs after classes or even just a vacation with friends. In both cases, students are helped by such services as masterpapers.com, where you can order an essay of any complexity for a fee in the specified time frame. Entrusting an assignment to professionals is sometimes the only way to turn in your work on time and get a good grade for it, instead of earning problems and accumulating “tails”.

Learning to write essays or essays beautifully and competently, bringing your writing skills to perfection is very important, but sometimes you just need to have a “plan B” that will help you save precious time and save you in a difficult situation.